Company Information

Mission Statement

Dandelion is dedicated to raising the standards of advertising solutions in the ever-changing world of media outlets, through all aspects of advertising, marketing, branding, design, and new media. Our diverse team is built of seasoned professionals who have worked throughout the United States and internationally to bring uinque and innovative products and services to our vast and varied clientele.

Company History

Dandelion Corporation is based in Newport Beach, California and was founded in 1964 as Running Dragon. Running Dragon began as a production and post-production film, video, and animation company taking its inspiration from Single Wing Turquoise Bird, Studio Ermose, Peter Mays films, and LeDell Production Studios. In 1992, owner John LeDell expanded the company into a full service advertising agency with the new name of Dandelion Corporation offering a virtual in-house art department to clients.

Corporate Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Making and Meeting Commitments
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Respect for People and Their Differences
  • Delivering Financial Results with Integrity
  • Meeting Objectives Financially and Ethically
  • Optimizing Efficiency for Budgetary Restraint

Ethics Statement

    Our Commitments

Dandelion Corporation depends on a highly skilled team that is not only highly experienced in their chosen fields, but also committed to working with integrity and freedom to use their collective common sense. The following commitments serve as the core values which shape our relationships with our internal and external customers.

  • We will strive to increase customer satisfaction by providing customers with quality products and services that are innovative and responsive to their requirements.
  • We will treat our customers fairly, honestly, and objectively.
  • We will treat fellow employees in a fair and even-handed manner and foster a culture rich in diversity that is based on trust, mutual respect, teamwork, and integrity.
  • We will aggressively pursue growth and profitability objectives, while always keeping ethical standards in the forefront of our activities.
  • In the communities of which we are members, we will act ethically and as responsible and responsive corporate citizens in compliance with the law.