Design Services

Offering a multitude of design styles and media types, Dandelion is a design powerhouse. Our virtual corporate art department is current with shifts in design trends as well as traditional practices and methodologies.

Graphic Design

From logo design to full layouts, web banners to billboards, pre-press to product packaging, our talented and intuitive team of graphic designers will work with you to create a stunning visual representation of your company's ideas and messages. Utilizing a number of artistic and professional disciplines comined with years of expereince, the graphics team at Dandelion will produce the final result you are looking for.

PRICING INFORMATION COMING SOON! Please contact us for a quote.

Web Design

The internet is currently the fastest growing form of communication and information. The Dandelion team fully understands the opportunities made available by the implementation of your company's ideas, products, information and message onto the World Wide Web. Combining our skills in design, planning and conceptualization along with our extended knowledge of current web design technologies, we can produce a beautiful and functional web experience for your clients and customers.

Media Design

Modern advertising practices are no longer limited to the static, fixed forms of previous decades, but are now as vast and dynamic as the clients and content they represent. Digital audio and visual media is becoming as prevelant in advertising and marketing campaigns as printed materials. Whether its TV, film, audio, or interactive, Dandelion's media team can generate the right piece of advertising media to compliment your campaign or presentation.